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Bowls Central Coast: A Haven for Bowlers on the Central Coast



Bowls Central Coast is the governing body that oversees the sport of Lawn Bowls on the Central Coast. With 21 affiliated member clubs scattered across the region, it offers a wide range of competitive and social options for bowlers of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice looking to give the sport a try, Bowls Central Coast has something for everyone.

Competitive Bowls: Putting your Skills to the Test

Bowls Central Coast provides a platform for competitive bowlers to showcase their skills and compete against teams from various clubs. One of the flagship events is the Pennant competition, where teams battle it out to claim victory. But the opportunities don’t end there.

Zone Championships

The Zone Championships organised by Bowls Central Coast offer a chance for bowlers to shine in different categories. From the Under 18’s to the Open, Seniors (Over 60), and Veterans (Over 70), there’s a championship for every age group. Additionally, handicapped events cater to players from lower grades of the pennant competitions, levelling the playing field and ensuring fair competition.

The Road to State, National, and International Success

Winners of the Zone Championships have the opportunity to further their journey in the world of Lawn Bowls. They can progress to compete in the NSW State, Australian, and even World Lawn Bowls events. Bowlers from the Central Coast have already made their mark on the national and international stage, with representation in NSW, Australian, Commonwealth Games, and World Championships.

Social Bowls

While competition is at the heart of Bowls Central Coast, social bowling is equally cherished. All 21-member clubs offer various social bowling options, providing an avenue for bowlers to come together, enjoy the game, and build lasting friendships.

Social Bowling Days

Affiliate groups of bowlers frequently organise social bowling days, where the focus is not solely on the game but on the camaraderie and companionship it fosters. These events provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for bowlers to connect, unwind, and have fun.

Annual Bus Trips

In addition to social bowling days, many clubs arrange annual bus trips, allowing bowlers to explore different venues while enjoying the company of fellow enthusiasts. These trips are not just about the bowls; they are about creating memories and forging bonds that extend beyond the green.


Bowls Central Coast is a haven for bowlers, providing a platform for both competitive and social play. With a wide range of options and 21-member clubs to choose from, there’s always an opportunity to get involved in the sport. 

Whether you’re aiming for championships or simply seeking the camaraderie that comes with social bowling, Bowls Central Coast has something for everyone. It’s very important to stay active in your later years, so grab your bowls, head to one of the exceptional companies mentioned above, and embark on a journey of fun, friendship, and thrilling bowls on the mesmerising Central Coast.

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