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Top 5 Farm Stay Melbourne Experiences



Tired of waking up in hostels and hotels in the city?

Discover the joy of waking up to the sounds of chirping birds and breathing in the crisp, fresh air as you explore the unique offerings of these rural retreats. From picking fresh fruits and veggies straight from the farm to interacting with friendly farm animals, these farm stays offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Indulge in hearty home-cooked meals made from locally sourced ingredients, and unwind in comfortable accommodations that showcase the charm of the countryside. 

Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly getaway or a romantic escape, these farm stays provide an opportunity to reconnect with nature, relax, and rejuvenate. Experience the best of both worlds by exploring all that Melbourne has to offer while enjoying the untamed beauty of its surrounding farmlands. 

Best Farm Stay Melbourne Experiences 

Melbourne and its surrounding areas are home to a variety of farm stay experiences that cater to different preferences and interests. Here are five of the top farm stays in Melbourne that offer unforgettable experiences:

Animal Land Children’s Farm 

Nestled in the picturesque countryside just a short drive from Melbourne’s bustling city centre, Animal Land Children’s Farm is a tranquil oasis where city dwellers can escape the urban hustle and bustle, and children can explore the wonders of nature. They offer different farm experiences including a tractor ride, visiting animal nurseries, and a guided pony ride for kids. 

Valley Farm Vineyard

Valley Farm is a captivating destination with a rich historical past, lush gardens, and a vineyard, making it a perfect place to visit. Discover the Gold Rush Era history, explore beautifully designed gardens, and savour wines from the on-site vineyard. 

The unique “Earth Station” apartments provide a memorable accommodation experience, and the property’s serene ambiance is ideal for relaxation and photography, with picturesque views adding to the charm of this multifaceted destination. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, wine connoisseur, or seeking a peaceful retreat, Valley Farm offers a diverse range of activities and an unforgettable experience.

Lottie’s Bed and Breakfast 

Lottie’s Bed and Breakfast, a charming family-owned and managed retreat, is nestled within a historic farm with a strong commitment to sustainable farming practices. 

Rooted in the belief that sustainable agriculture starts with soil care and responsible resource usage, the farm minimises its carbon footprint by using the least energy and resources necessary to achieve productive results. The property’s rich history dates back to 1904 and was lovingly restored by its current owners, who fell in love with the area’s potential and their horticultural and building expertise. Guests can enjoy a unique U-Pick berry season from December to March, allowing them to harvest their own fresh raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, or indulge in the farm’s ice cream and Belgian waffles at local markets during the off-season. 

Yarra Valley Strawberry Farms

Conveniently located near renowned wineries, across from an equestrian center, and a stone’s throw from the idyllic Warburton Trail, this property also provides easy access to local stores and eateries. The historical charm of a beautifully preserved Federation/Victorian home, originally constructed in 1910, seamlessly blends with modern amenities and is cocooned within meticulously maintained gardens adorned with mature trees and shrubs. As an added delight, the property includes a flat grassed area for recreational pursuits, a charming vineyard, various fruit trees, and is embraced by their thriving working strawberry farms, offering a delightful strawberry-picking experience from November through May.

Wiggley Bottom Farm

Wiggley Bottom Farm, nestled in the picturesque Yarra Valley just minutes from Healesville, offers a splendid and pet-friendly 15-acre farm stay. This idyllic retreat provides luxurious accommodations for couples, friends, and families, including their four-legged companions. 

With a maximum capacity for six adults and four children across three distinct dwellings, each boasting a king-sized bed and a sofa bed, Wiggley Bottom Farm promises not only a relaxing escape in the countryside but also the opportunity to forge lasting friendships with repeat guests who have found their second home at this charming retreat. Plus, well-behaved dogs are welcome to share the cosy indoors as well.

Reconnect With Nature At These Farm Stays in Melbourne

Melbourne’s top 5 farm stays offer an incredible opportunity to escape the city and immerse yourself in the beauty of the countryside. From animal feeding and farm tours to farm-to-table dining and outdoor activities, these farm stays provide a perfect blend of relaxation, education, and adventure.

Plan your farm stay experience in Melbourne and create lasting memories as you reconnect with nature and indulge in the charm of the countryside. Don’t miss out on these unforgettable experiences that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired.

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